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An anchor in a new era

/An anchor in a new era

What we do?

Alsi For Marine Services LLC is an Omani established, reliable worldwide network independent Freight forwarding that provides a level of flexibility. Global reach, service and local expertise unmatched by any single multinational.

Alsi offers a full range of dependable Logistics and transportation, Border Clearance, Customs Clearance, air and ocean freight and comprehensive logistics solution – warehousing import and export – for any type and any size of cargo shipment destined for any location in the world.

Serving since last 10 years delicately Company founder is Salim – Al – Badi 40 PROS working across three Oman border Khath Mallah , Wadijiji , Wajaja , Airport & Sohar Seaport, Haing Head Qatar in Sohar , Liason office in Muscat & two offices in Wajiji & Wajaja border, offers border clearance in Wajajah, Wadi Jizzi  border.

The future of Alsi Marine certainly seems to be a bright one. With well-directed trends towards customer’s satisfaction reverting to basic core competencies working in our favour, we expect to continue our pattern of growth for the foreseeable future. To keep up with this growth and better serve our customers, Alsi is aimed at creating a value-added organization that has the flexibility to respond to members changing needs.