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Pre-Shipment Documents Used In Freight Transportation in UAE- A Complete Guide

//Pre-Shipment Documents Used In Freight Transportation in UAE- A Complete Guide
Freight Transportation in UAE

Pre-Shipment Documents Used In Freight Transportation in UAE


As we know logistics is a complex procedure that is implemented systematically through different strategies. The strategies and procedures (both internal and external) vary from company to company. But in general, there are so many distinct and similar operations to every logistics firm. The smooth and flawless operation of a logistics company is accompanied by different components. It comprises movements of freights (transport goods carried over aircraft, bus, truck, or rail), warehousing (storage of goods), and distribution. The movement of freights is known in different names like airfreights, ocean freights, train freight depending on the medium. Freight forwarders include a group or team who forward a company’s shipments into the final stopping place. They can be termed as an intermediate for connecting shipments and their final destinations. Airfreight shipments are generally done through aircraft carriers. For the fast-moving of goods (or cargo) people commonly rely on air freight shipments. This kind of cargo movement also interconnects shippers and transporting companies. Let’s discuss on Pre-Shipment Documents used in  Freight Transportation in UAE.


freight transportation in UAE


While considering the economic background of the UAE, the importance of logistics is worth it. UAE is fostering its economic hold by the rapid development of logistics. The government is concerned about the upholding of the productive part, and they focused on the SMEs. Logistics organizations are blooming all over the country with the backup of different government schemes. The economic growth is steadily increasing with the development of logistics companies. The geographical location of Emirates is highly fertile for the flourishing of trade(cargo movements or shipping) by linking Europe and Asia. For the active embellishment of logistics firms, the government of Emirates emphasized different policies on developing infrastructure, e-commerce, and other possibilities. Broadly, the logistics arena can be termed as the major contributor to the UAEs economic growth.


The United Arab Emirates is ranked as a logistics hub(or friendly country). By achieving various titles and progressions many factors boost international shipping in UAE. As we mentioned earlier, the prior factor is the position of Emirates by its geographical location. Its distinct and regulative landscape infuriates its possibility of trading with other countries (or even with the world). By connecting Africa, the Indian subcontinent, and the Red Sea UAE is blessed with innumerable chances of logistics. In addition to this, UAE owns so many important ports which can carry over hundreds(or even more) of ships per day. The government also catalyzes the growth of infrastructure and groundwork for the progress of logistics and thereby the economy.

freight transportation in UAE



  • The shipments inside and outside a country need appropriate documentation, and it showcases the credibility of the service. 
  • Documents required to export from UAE include export documents issued by the local Emirate Customs Department regarding goods leaving the state, Airway bill, Bill of landing, Consignment note, and certificate of shipment. 
  • To prove the fidelity and genuineness of exports, the aforementioned documents are inevitable. While moving or transferring goods from one country to another there is always a threat of security issues. For avoiding allegations related to security, safety, and other threats the proper issuing of documentation is unavoidable.
  •  The document should have several other details including the name of the supplier, description of goods, name of the consignor, the value of goods, export ending place (or destination), mode of transport, and the route of the freight movement. 
  • Proforma invoice is a must item that should be included in the documentation while exporting goods. It can be considered as the basic entity for an international esports of freights because it includes all the details related to the goods. 
  • A commercial invoice is something much akin to a proforma invoice that states the roundabout details of exports from start to end. 
  • The packing list and certificates of origin are the other two key deeds. The certificate of origin is assigned by governmental (semi-governmental) officials to confirm the origin of the goods(from which country). The packing list is generally issued for domestic shipments. 
  • Other certificates you should keep with documentation are air waybill, bill of landing, shipper’s letter of instruction, good forms, and bank draft. 
  • Fidelity and genuineness is the core value of every service. For maintaining its ethics and value one should have to follow all these documents while exporting goods from UAE.


Border clearance in UAE started in 2002 and was supervised by FCA or Federal Customs Authority. FCA sketches different customs policies and executes them. The smooth running of these implemented policies is administered by FCA itself. The UAE customs clearance is world widely appreciated because of its various or distinctive policies related to international and domestic freight transport. Other than FCA, local departments also incorporate the execution of customs policies by the assent of GCC Common Customs Law. The major concern of FCA or UAE border clearance is all about the stopping of illegal transportation. UAE customs clearance is highly strict about the transportation of prohibited and illegal goods. The banned items include narcotics drugs, pirated content & counterfeit currency, items used in black magic, witchcraft, or sorcery, publications and artwork that contradict or challenge Islamic teachings and values, exotic, protected, and endangered animals, and vicious dog breed, gambling tools, and machines. 


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