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Supply Chain Management

Regardless of the nature of the industry, an efficient supply chain can make a huge difference in the profitable growth of the business. A business’s success is inexplicably linked to the performance of its supply chain and management. A company that has a supply chain that supports the overall strategy of its business is sure to succeed in the competitive market. Many companies today are reshaping their supply chain by leveraging on technological advancements to meet the growing expectations of agility, speed and visibility and add value to their bottom line. Automation, integration, and artificial intelligence are now changing the digital scenario, offering enterprises effective opportunities to enhance their supply operations.

The following are some of the ways technology is being used to reshape supply chains for a productive and profitable business growth


Software as a Service (SaaS) is a part of cloud computing which can be used by small, medium or large enterprises to optimize business operations. SaaS is the delivery of software applications as a service over the internet, hosted and maintained by software vendors. Many enterprises across a variety of industries which includes healthcare, manufacturing and IT have implemented SaaS to streamline their supply chain operations and its management. The main advantages of SAAS from traditional on-premise installations are that it is scalable depending on customer demands and cost-effective. By implementing SaaS, companies can enhance the efficiencies of data collection and transfer, and at the same time save significantly on business costs.

Big Data

In today’s age of information technology, companies are flooded with an endless stream of data coming in from various channels. Appropriate use of this data can provide a powerful advantage in a highly competitive environment by helping to make well-informed decisions, which can lead to a more cost-effective supply chain. Used in conjunction with the latest analytical technologies, big data, which is the immense volume of structured and unstructured information, gathered from multiple sources, big and small enterprises can quickly gain insightful knowledge of their entire supply chain and help boost its operational efficiencies.

Web APIs

APIs (Application Program Interfaces) are easy-to-deploy web solutions that enable fast and efficient supply chains operations by allowing seamless transmission of data from one system to another. The connectivity layer created by APIs provides companies’ with immediate and real-time access to data thus helping them to make informed decisions in their supply chain operations and enabling end-to-end supply chain connectivity that maximizes business value.

3D Printing

The traditional supply chain is founded on planning, sourcing components, manufacturing and assembling the finished products and delivery. 3D printing also is known as additive manufacturing eliminates the need for high volume production and storage facilities, assembly workers and many other factors that make up the supply chain, thereby removing all the traditional industry constraints that take up time and bringing down the supply chain to its simplest form. In 3D printing, customer-specific items can be made almost anywhere on-demand with a digital printer thus allowing maximum customization and minimization of cost of distribution and inventory requirements. Rather than plan, source, manufacture, deliver and return in traditional supply chain models, 3D printing will start with the customer order which will then lead to manufacturing, delivery and return. By embracing 3D printing technology, companies can increase supply chain efficiencies while significantly bringing down on many of the costs associated with traditional supply chain models.

Leveraging modern technology in supply chain operations and its management is a necessity if you desire your business to keep pace with the growing demands for speed, flexibility and visibility and thrive in a highly competitive environment. With the efficient use of technology, you can gain a competitive edge in today’s market and position your business where you want it to be.

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