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Door to Door Cargo Services from Oman to Portugal

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door to door Cargo services from Oman to Portugal means providing services of packing collectively with transportation of cargo or goods. It includes loading, packing, unloading, and unpacking cargo. Cargo means the items or products carried in a truck, train, ship, or plane. Oman is located in an Arabian country where it is far from Portugal.

Door to Door Cargo Services from Oman to Portugal

include both ship and plane. Mostly heavy cargo is carried by the waterway that is through ships. Sending your luggage throughout the world becomes an easy process because of door to door Cargo services from Oman to Portugal. It’s time to know about door to door Cargo services from Oman to Portugal. So in this post, let us look at everything that you need to know about door to door Cargo services from Oman to Portugal.


Door to Door Cargo Services from Oman to Portugal

People are speared worldwide, and transactions made by the people are also happening over the world. It is impossible to carry all the things and luggage in your hands, and sometimes the destination point may be far away from you. In such cases, this service made it easier for people for sending their large or bulk items across continents and countries. People in Portugal are living all over the world. So the people in Oman are considering the door to door cargo services from Oman to Portugal as an essential thing to transact their huge luggage.


door to door cargo services from Oman to Portugal are beneficial for many business people who are exports globally. It is safe to deliver your things through door to door cargo services from Oman to Portugal like in ship and plane or flight. One more benefit is door to door cargo services from Oman to Portugal are trustable and have perfection in their delivery. The maximum time to deliver the products from Oman to Portugal is 4-8 or 6-12 business days. The rate of services is also affordable. They charge according to each kg of the item. Oman air cargo rates per kg to Portugal differs according to its categories such as general, special, and perishable.


Many shipping companies in Oman are expertise in providing door to door cargo services from Oman to Portugal, which will give satisfaction to the customers to approach door to door cargo services from Oman to Portugal. There are various ways to ship your luggage. But while considering your country destination like Portugal which is far away the sea freight and air freight are best suggestions. In that sea, freight is longer than air. Shipping through ships may take time to deliver, but it includes more profit for the sender like the bulk amount of fuel, petrol, etc., shipping through flight delivered the products quickly. You can calculate and manage the timing in door to door cargo services from Oman to Portugal.


Our support team is available 24/7 to meet your requirements on logistics and freight operations, reach out with your logistics challenges and our representative will connect with you to provide the best solutions for better assistance! We can propose to you a reasonable and affordable freight quote, warehouse and distribution support, customs clearance, and much more.


Why Does Your Company Need a Logistics Expert in door to door cargo services from Oman to Portugal?


There are multiple advantages to hiring one of the expert logistics companies in Oman, like ALSI for Marine Services LLC. The company has played a pioneering role, leading from the front, in the evolution of Oman’s logistics industry (door to door cargo services from Oman to Portugal). End-to-end shipping and transportation services are the key characteristics of the company. As Oman races fast to become an international logistics center of repute, freight forwarders are going to contribute majorly to the achievement of the goal by the Sultanate. Major improvements are happening in the logistics sector – the current time is poised to become a watershed moment in Oman’s history. Oman is all set to renovate and improve its infrastructure – be it the ports, airports, or roads. Sohar has started to fulfill the domestic consumption needs of Oman, while Salalah in the south is now focusing on handling trans-shipment activities. The Sultan Qaboos Port in Muscat is engaged in promoting tourism and cruise liners, while the upcoming port at Duqm is slated to be a landmark port for dealing with containers handling mining, petrochemicals, and industrial products. New airport projects and expansion projects are also underway in and around the port towns and cities to top it.

A brief look at the services offered by us is a major source of support for clients: Freight movement by air is one of the most effective and agile methods to send critically important shipments. We are tied up with an entire network of air freight service providers, including high-end cargo airlines and freight consolidators. We do not just offer import and export of consignments but also offer door to door cargo services from Oman to Portugal. Experienced and professional companies are capable of handling complicated multi-pallet consignments down to single packages and shipments, offering capacity or space to move urgent consignments via air. Also, such companies can handle challenges of moving goods and cargo of all types, including dangerous, hazardous, high-value, perishable, and others, on top priority.

The waterways, oceans, being the major transitway for international goods and bulky and less- urgent shipments, an expert like us offers a full range of ocean freight services. This form of freight service takes time, but this is also one of the most cost-effective solutions. The two distinct types of ocean freight services popularly used are – Full Container Load or FCL and Less- than Container Load or LCL. Leading logistics companies ensure that they can offer their clients relevant sailing schedules for FCL and LCL shipments with their seamless networking with the best ship liners, ocean carriers, and consolidators.

Most competitors offer road freight for domestic shipments mainly. Road logistics also come into play when there is sound and well-equipped cross-border road infrastructure in place. While choosing a shipping company, it is important to ensure that the company has a flexible schedule to accommodate clients’ requests. We boast a well-maintained fleet of freight vehicles and have the right association with local and domestic operators to facilitate seamless and timeless deliveries, be it Full Truck Load or one pallet cargo (door to door cargo services from Oman to Portugal).

Customs Clearance – Whether goods are being imported into the country or exported, a well-defined set of customs procedures mandatorily needs to be fulfilled for seamless entry and exit from the country. It is a detailed process with an emphasis on documentation. The objective is to legalize the freight movement or shipment movement, playing a critical role in ensuring ethical shipping of goods, following the industry best practices.

Customs clearance is a must, a compulsory process for goods arriving by air, water, or road. The main reason for having experts do the work of customs clearances is that the process can be intricate and complex, baffling anyone who is not through the process. To have a seamless customs clearance procedure, it is crucial to employ specialists like the team at ALSI. Specialists know the detailed processes required for the clearance for general goods, dangerous goods, perishable goods, livestock, health, and medical goods, and the free zone helps expedite the process so that the shipments are cleared on time without interruptions or delays. Specialists help save time for the client and contribute meaningfully to the bottom line of the client. 

Cost savings is one of the major contributions from our side. With profound know-how about temporary export and import clearances and duty-exemptions, these companies aptly work as consultants helping save money for their clients in complete compliance with the export-import laws of the land. ALSI is an expert in clearances of various types of goods(door to door cargo services from Oman to Portugal), Free Trade Agreement Clearance, Duty Exemption Clearance, cross-border clearance, on-board courier clearance, transit clearance, and documentation services.

Most of the time, Projects have unique requirements with the need to ship or move heavy- industrial equipment and cargo. Moving such equipment is not a simple task-it requires the integration of multiple transportation modes. In such cases, it is ideal to approach us because there is no room or scope for error or delay here. From a professionally skilled and experienced team to the right networking with key operators in all the transportation modes to ensuring compliances with the laws, there is a whole gamut of dos and don’ts that freight companies need to adhere to. The logistics company needs to be top-of-the-line to minimize all potential risks and move shipments most strategically.

We are one of the premier solution providers in all verticals of logistics requirements(door to door cargo services from Oman to Portugal). As a leader in freight services, but we also offer integrated services encompassing warehousing and distribution services. ALSI (Shipping Companies in Oman) is known for its agile, cost-effective, and custom-made, comprehensive services and solutions that surely drive competitive advantage to their clients.

We offer reliable and flexible logistics solutions and are a name to reckon with in the industry. Contact us for a quote for all kinds of logistics needs, and our prompt customer support team will get in touch with a requirement-based proposal.


Our support team is available 24/7 to meet your requirements on logistics and freight operations, reach out with your logistics challenges and our representative will connect with you to provide the best solutions for better assistance! We can propose to you a reasonable and affordable freight quote, warehouse and distribution support, customs clearance, and much more.


Leading Omani SME Logistics providing Reliable, Efficient and Flexible
Freight Solutions and Services.

Shipping company in Oman

ALSI For Marine Services LLC – You true partner for all your logistics needs. One of the most reliable, efficient, and cost-effective shipping companies in Oman, ALSI covers all your needs for cargo services and freight shipments through air, ocean, and road transport.

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Welcome To

Alsi For Marine Services LLC

ALSI for Marine Services LLC is a leading Omani SME providing customs clearance and logistics services. As a multifaceted service provider, we provide customs clearance services at all major airports, seaports and borders in Oman and UAE – as well as assist clients with domestic and international logistics by air, sea and road freight. With a team of skilled professionals, who have in excess of 15 years of industry experience, allows ALSI to be a well-placed logistics company to assist exporters and importers with their international and domestic freight consignments.


Customs Clearance

ALSI provides nationwide customs clearance service for air, ocean and road freight shipments. As one of Oman’s leading customs clearance service providers, we are consistently able to offer reliable and compliant services to our clients. Our experienced staff ensures shipments clear quickly and efficiently through customs online systems and at the port of entry. We are able to assist and expedite the most challenging shipments to ensure a seamless customs clearance process.

ALSI’s dedicated border, seaport and airport offices with round-the-clock service ensures the shipments are cleared on time and avoids unnecessary delays and demurrages. Our vast and in-depth knowledge of duty-exemptions and temporary clearance options allows to maximize clients’ savings. Compliance is never an added service for our clients, it’s ingrained in our company culture and operations, to the benefit of our clients. We are dedicated to provide our clients with comprehensive and compliance-focused customs clearance services and solutions.

customs clearance services

General Goods Clearance

Dangerous Goods Clearance

Health and Medical Goods Clearance

Livestock Clearance

Temporary Import and Export Clearance

Free Zone Clearance

Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Clearance

Duty Exemption Clearance

Transit Clearance

On-Board Courier Clearance

Cross-Border Clearance (Origin and Destination)

Perishables and Temperature Controlled Cargo Clearance

Support and Advisory services to obtain duty exemption from Ministry of Commerce and Industry

Documentation Services: Obtaining Certificate of Origin, Legalization and Attestation

Services to obtain permits, approvals and No Objection from Ministry

Duty Deposit Refund Processing

Air Freight

ALSI provides international air freight services, that are ideal for time sensitive consignments. Providing global coverage through multiple freight networks, we offer air freight services working with leading airline carriers and consolidators. We can arrange the prompt export or import of your shipments, offering Door to Airport and Door to Door solutions. From a single package to multi-pallet consignments, we offer integrated, customized and cost-effective air freight services and solutions.

We understand the importance of urgency and accuracy in respect of air freight services and have access to capacity when its needed most. We cater for the movement of all types of cargo including out-sized, hazardous and high value goods.

Our salient features


Dangerous Goods

Perishables and Temperature Controlled





Ocean Freight

At ALSI we provide global ocean freight services, handling Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL) shipments. A cost-effective way of transporting goods overseas and an ideal service for large, bulkier or less urgent consignments. The preferred choice for many of our clients when shipping goods overseas is ocean freight, due to the cost-effective pricing that can be achieved. When compared to air freight, sending shipments by sea offers significant cost savings, whilst still offering decent transit times.

We offer flexible sailing schedules for both LCL and FCL cargo, utilizing industry leading ocean carriers, NVOCCs and consolidators. We balance our overseas network and leverage our carrier relationships to provide the best solution for client’s needs.

Our salient features


Full Container Load (FCL)

Perishables and Temperature Controlled

Less than Container Load (LCL)

Dangerous Goods

Break Bulk



ALSI provides secure, flexible and timely domestic and cross-border road freight services customized to the client’s requirement. We utilize our own fleet and network of approved operators, to provide an extensive range of road freight services for all types of cargo from a single pallet through to a full truck load.

We offer frequent and scheduled departures, providing customers with a high quality and cost-effective solution for the movement of part and full load domestically and throughout GCC for cross-border movements. With our local know- how, we plan the most economical route for client’s cargo and as part of our commitment to customer service, our team of professionals provide timely updates on progress of the shipment from door-to-door.

Our road freight services include

Full Truck Load (FTL)

Less than Truck Load (LTL)

Domestic Transportation

GCC Transportation

Heavy Haulage

Special Equipment Hire and Rental

Mall Deliveries

Temperature Controlled

Dangerous Goods Transportation – using Chemical Approved / Civil Defense Approved Trucks

Oilfield Deliveries – using PDO, Oxy and BP Spec Trucks

Project Cargo Services

ALSI specializes in movements of heavy lift and over dimensional cargo with multimodal transport solutions. We are capable to provide integrated logistics project management and turnkey project transport services.

Managing heavy lift projects requires special expertise, care and attention to detail. We have built a formidable reputation in project cargo logistics and heavy lift shipments with a dedicated team who have a thorough understanding of handling project cargos with carriers, ports, customs and heavy lift trucking companies. Over the years, we have managed several high-value project movements and consistently exceeded customer’s expectations. Our team of experts focus on delivering project cargo by eliminating potential shipping risks and reduce cost by effective project planning and execution.

Operational Team Expertise

Project Supervision and Monitoring

Route and Site Survey with feasibility study

Project Planning and Management – End to End

Loading and Rigging Solutions – Cranes for heavy lift


The enigma that unfolds on the stage of an event is only the glam side of the story. What most people are unaware of is the kind of relentless work, meticulous planning, and perfect execution that goes behind making an event a success. It is what happens backstage is that shines in front of the audience. From setting up the stage to providing all the required logistics, there is a lot that goes on before an event unfolds in all its glory. And ALSI, a leading Event Logistics company in Oman has been the force behind several such events in the country, providing unwavering support to create shows that stay with the audience long after they are over.

Event Logistics Oman is a fast-paced, demanding field that requires resourcefulness to be able to pull off the on-stage feat, and this is what ALSI is known for. We have a capable network of carriers, overseas agents and appropriate equipment that efficiently move every event-related equipment and items to ensure that the event is a success every single time.

Event Services Offered

Supply Chain and Transport Solutions

Time Critical Freight Movement

Special Customs Operations

Warehousing and Event Specific Cargo Handling

Venue Deliveries and Onsite Handling

Ship Spares Logistics

ALSI offers ship owners and management companies a global “door-to-deck” delivery service for ship spares and marine parts. This specialized service integrates our local expertise and global freight network to ensure timely delivery of spares on-board.

Sourcing spare parts for vessels is a real challenge, particularly with uncertain vessel schedules and global sourcing locations. Whether a fleet is operated or a dock is managed, the fast and reliable delivery of spare parts is essential to the business. Our experienced operations specialists can provide quick end-to-end solutions, for cost-efficient and reliable shipping of parts for vessel repair or maintenance.

We opt for the best transport modes to match client’s timing and cost concerns and our team takes complete accountability till delivery. Our office locations at the main ports in Oman – Sohar, Duqm and Salalah allow us for smooth handling and delivery of such time-critical shipments.


The Aviation and Defense industry requires innovative supply chain solutions for their unique demands and requirements. With an expert team and strong overseas network, ALSI provides high quality standards, customized and reliable logistics solutions.

ALSI is committed to being a flexible, value-added logistics provider for the aviation and defense industry. We recognize the unique needs and challenges of the industry. We integrate logistics, transportation management, and information monitoring in accordance with Aviation and Defense requirements to provide competitive logistics solutions for the industry’s supply chain. Whether our client is a worldwide aviation and defense firm or a local company, our end-to-end integrated solutions are designed to optimize supply chain from procurement to distribution.

Our Aviation and Defence services include:

Complex Project Management

Custom and Compliance Formalities

Logistics Consulting

Flow Management

Production Logistics

Return and repair programs

Engine experts


Through our portfolio of companies we have the capability to deliver a broad range
of quality products and solutions to meet your operational needs. Below is a listing of
other services and solutions we can offer.




Critical Logistics Experts

Customer Centric

End to End Services and Solutions

Excellent Customer Service


Operational Expertise

Round the Clock Service

Tailor-made Solutions

Value Creation – Efficiency and Optimization

  • ALSI awarded Best Customs Clearance Broker for 2 Consecutive Years ( 2021 & 2022 ) by Oman Customs