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Logistics Companies in Sohar, Oman, and Dubai, UAE

ALSI provides secure, flexible, and timely domestic and cross-border road freight customized to the client's requirements making it one of the most sought-after logistics companies in Oman.

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ALSI provides secure, flexible and timely domestic and cross-border road freight services customized to the client’s requirement. We utilize our own fleet and network of approved operators, to provide an extensive range of road freight services for all types of cargo from a single pallet through to a full truck load.

We offer frequent and scheduled departures, providing customers with a high quality and cost-effective solution for the movement of part and full load domestically and throughout GCC for cross-border movements. With our local know-how, we plan the most economical route for client’s cargo and as part of our commitment to customer service, our team of professionals provide timely updates on progress of the shipment from door-to-door.

We are one of the leading

logistics companies in Sohar, Oman, and Dubai, UAE


thus we should provide logistical services such as freight forwarders. We can provide you with unique services that are specific to the best logistics companies in Sohar, Oman, and Dubai, UAE. We understood how valuable your time is, therefore we prefer to keep things simple. In addition to freight forwarding, various services are offered to help with the logistics of both domestic and international cargo services. If your cargo cannot be moved quickly, it should not be carried at all! However, not only speed is important but also it’s quality. That is why we provide great service delivered quickly among the logistics companies in Sohar, Oman, and Dubai, UAE.

ALSI is an acronym for a professional cargo delivery network and logistics companies in Sohar, Oman, and Dubai, UAE. We offer cargo transportation and documentation services by air, sea, and road all under one roof. ALSI is committed to being a leader in both domestic and international cargo delivery. We are delivering our clients a holistic logistical solution and becoming their first option through dependable service and as well as establishing a distinctive space among people by improving operational quality.

As one of the logistics companies in Sohar, Oman, and Dubai, UAE with a strong presence in the field, we are able to meet all of our clients' transportation demands. To transfer goods, we collaborate with the greatest freight forwarders on the globe. With all the responsibilities, we give unique services to our clients.

Warehousing, Storage of goods, and Transportation Services

To fulfil our customers' individual demands, we deliver modern logistics solutions with a distinct approach from all other logistics companies in Sohar, Oman, and Dubai, UAE. Our warehouse services are only a component of our worldwide effective supply chain system.

We don't own ships, planes, or trucks, but we know what people want! Your goods are visible to us (and to you!) at every step of the road, do not be concerned about its safety and security; we are here to assist you and lead you as one of the best logistics companies in Sohar, Oman, and Dubai, UAE. In the transportation arena, we offer something special from other logistics companies in Sohar, Oman and Dubai, UAE, giving you the peace of mind that your freight is managed locally and internationally by air, sea, or land. Our systems are entirely linked and have complete visibility.

There are occasions when you require more than just transport and storage. As a result, we provide a comprehensive range of Value Added services to all of our customers. Material handling, packaging, labelling, overflow, project logistics, and many other services are available.

In today's business world, particularly in Sohar, Oman, you must be in the right market, with the right thing, at the right time, and at the right price. Overall, we can assist you! We have structures that may provide you with storage, cargo services, shipping services, stockpile services, stock administration, demand fulfilment, and Trans loading administrations. Etc.

Because we provide a comprehensive variety of logistics services, we can provide clients with a central point of responsibility to handle all of their logistical requirements from door to door throughout the world. We have a group of trained experts to consult and execute clients' logistics needs, with a focus on speed, safety, and effectiveness at every stage of the process.

We have a bunch of expert competent and experienced packers that utilise the best, time-tested packaging materials to ensure that your shipments arrive securely. You can rest assured that your item will arrive in safe packaging.

Customs clearances services

We are also one of the major logistics companies in Sohar, Oman, and Dubai, UAE. Our customs clearance services aid in the timely and problem-free clearance of goods. We take full responsibility for guiding our customers through the complicated procedure of customs clearance. This derives from the realisation that non-clearance of shipments can result in unplanned loss.

Air freight

International airfreight is a fast-paced industry with continually shifting demand and capacity. We will be your dependable partner in this volatile climate, helping to focus on your operation while we take better care of your airfreight operations. With a diverse offering of goods, service levels, and value-added services, we are confident that we will discover the best option for you at best among all logistics companies in Sohar, Oman, and Dubai, UAE. We realise the significance of time, urgency, and accuracy, and we handle all types of cargo, including fragile, huge, and high-value commodities.

Ocean freight

ALSI offers you a diverse ocean freight carrier portfolio allowing you more flexible departure dates and shorter travel times for all of your ocean shipping requirements. FCL and LCL shipping services are accessible globally as the finest logistics companies in Sohar, Oman, and Dubai, UAE.

Types of Cargo we handle for Road Freight


Perishables and Temperature Controlled

Dangerous Goods

Types of Road Freight Services we offer

Full Truck Load (FTL)

Less than Truck Load (LTL)

Domestic Transportation

GCC Transportation

Heavy Haulage

Special Equipment Hire and Rental

Mall Deliveries

Temperature Controlled

Dangerous Goods Transportation – using Chemical Approved / Civil Defense Approved Trucks

Oilfield Deliveries – using PDO, Oxy and BP Spec Trucks

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