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Well if you are looking for the best logistics companies in Dubai, let us help you find one. Most exporters and importers find it difficult to identify and choose a logistics partner that is both credible and efficient. When you are dealing with international business, it becomes crucial to make this decision wisely as a lot of resources and trust are invested. ALSI is a very reliable name you will hear when it comes to providing logistics services. The company has been providing all logistics related services like airfreight, ocean freight and road transport under a single roof since 2008 and has been very reliable in its field. It is important to understand the factors involved both geographically and legally. ALSI for Marine Service LLC is an Omani company that holds a strong team of professionals with the best experience in the industry. It has its teams across borders, airports and seaports to ensure a smooth logistics experience.

How do I decide and choose the most suitable mode of logistics?

When choosing a mode for logistics, several factors come into play. Road freightis most suitable for heavy cargo movement domestically with a lesser cost. If you are looking for a fast delivery service, air freight is the most suitable option. It is safe for your perishable and light weight cargo, but it is the costliest mode. For international shipping, when your shipment is bulky and time is not a factor then the most economic and reliable mode is marine freight. It is also equally important to choose a logistics partner that is reputed in the industry and committed towards quality of service.

What features do I look for in a logistics partner?

When you choose the right logistics partner, you allow your business to enhance the overall service experience for your end customers. The right logistics company that complements your business has to be time-bound, reliable and strongly known for its networks across border. A good logistics partner must have a solid reputation among their connections, existing clients and port officials. They should also hold expertise in multiple areas and industries, so as to provide industry-specific services. A reliable customer service and assistance is a must-have aspect as most newbie importers/ exporters need guidance through the process. When finding a logistics partner, choose one that understands your specific needs and designs an action plan just for you.

Which factors should I consider before choosing road transport for my logistics?

Road transport is most often chosen for its ease in delivery as it is the most convenient option for domestic shipment. ALSI has a strong network across border that comes handy while offering road transport services. With technical and geographical know-how, its team provides an unmatched service without any possible complications that often hinder a smooth movement. ALSI also provides regularity and flexibility to guarantee a cost-effective and time-bound service for each individual client.

How do I choose the best company for shipping cargo through marine ways?

When using ocean freight ,or marine services for your shipment, there are a lot of steps involved in the process like packing & forwarding, custom duties, documentation etc. Ocean freight is the most suitable and cheapest option when your shipment is bulky and has no time factor. ALSI specializes in ocean freight carrier services for all types of cargo within competitive rates and safe delivery. It is also a registered member of WCA, FIATA and OPCA freight network and has offices at all major seaports providing round-the-clock service. With advanced planning of ships, tracking system, preventive measures to tackle the sea perils, ALSI provides regular and flexible marine carrier facility for an end-to- end customer service.

Why choose ALSI for your logistics service requirements?

ALSI for Marine Service LLC is an ISO certified company known for its customized services that it offers based on their client’s individual requirements. Each service depends on various factors like the industrial specifications, type of goods shipped, size of consignment, destination, client’s budget and time involved. ALSI provides a one-stop solution in consideration with all above mentioned factors and assures a reliable service on its end. ALSI also assists clients in choosing the best mode of shipping for all types of consignment including hazardous cargo and assures a smooth and efficient experience.

How efficient is ALSI in its custom clearance services?

ALSI is a leading Omani SME logistics company that is well-read into the government policies and clearance laws. A core USP of the company is that more than 50% of its employees are registered custom clearance clerks and also Omani nationals. With a team that is so well-versed with the custom duty laws, only helps in providing hassle- free and in-time delivery of goods. ALSI has its offices with support staff at airports, seaports and country borders to provide 24×7 services. All this makes ALSI the most time-bound and cost-effective logistics service provider in Dubai.

How do I choose the best warehousing company?

When choosing a warehousing service provider, it is significant to note that warehouse management differs for each individual product. The service provider must have a system to manage all types of cargo without any damage or misplacement of the shipment. A good logistics partner is one that has a rock- solid network of warehousing and distribution services to enhance the overall shipment experience. ALSI has warehouses in key locations like Muscat city, Wajajah border, Sohar port and has offices for immediate assistance at Falaj Al Qabil, Aqur, Duqm, Salalah and other areas. These warehouses will facilitate storage space with their latest technological equipment tailor- made for all types of cargo and for any duration. The warehouses of ALSI are designed and built with an aim of no damage to your goods however long they are stored for. Their distribution networks provide you the smoothest and most secured delivery of your shipment. ALSI is known as the best company for logistics in Dubai for excelling in its service and commitment to expand globally.

  • ALSI awarded Best Customs Clearance Broker for 2 Consecutive Years ( 2021 & 2022 ) by Oman Customs