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Why selecting a good logistics company can make a difference in your supply chain management?

Getting things to the right place at the right time by effectively planning, implementing and executing movement of goods is what logistics is all about. With well planned logistics increasingly becoming the need of the emerging economies thanks to the connectivity brought about by the internet and social media, it has become essential to have a reliable partnership with a good logistics company for meeting supply chain goals successfully. By getting the logistics right, businesses and individuals can enjoy the advantage of moving products in a smooth, cost-effective and timely manner. UAE with its significant geographical location between major trade pathways has made it an ideal place for freight forwarders, to set up a base. Over the years there has been an exponential increase in the number of logistics companies in UAE making the nation it’s home for providing logistics services. The job of selecting a good logistics firm, therefore, has turned challenging due to this. To make the job a little easier, a few factors to consider before selecting a company are given below to help you select the logistics company that will be able to provide the logistical support you need.

What are the key elements to look for while choosing a logistics company in UAE?

Given the important role that logistics plays in your business growth, it is a good idea to consider all factors before going on to select a logistical partner for your business. But before setting out to choose one of the logistics companies in UAE, it would be a good idea to note down the specific logistics service requirements that is needed to support your business growth. Once all the factors are noted down, it would be easier to pick out the one among the logistics companies that best matches your requirement criteria. Below are a few elements that need to be considered while selecting a logistics company.

Should provide greater transparency of the supply chain

Visibility throughout your supply chain is an important part in logistics. While considering a logistics company, make sure that the company has the technology and the resources to provide visibility in key supply chain processes. Keeping track of the shipment can enable you to create a plan or make appropriate changes that can mitigate or minimize potential problems.

Have the capabilities and resources to meet your business’s logistic requirements

Before selecting a logistics company, it is essential to check their competency and reliability in areas that are important for optimally meeting your logistics needs. For e.g., if you are in a business that needs to ship temperature sensitive shipments across the world, you will need to look for logistics companies that have warehouses and storage facilities with appropriate storage conditions for your shipment in the areas you wish to ship. Make sure that the logistics company you select have the right resources and facilities to ensure that the goods reach their destination in perfect condition.

Can provide multimodal and optimal freight transportation options

Sometimes a single mode of transport might not be enough for your shipment to reach its destination. You would need a company that can offer multimodal transport options. Besides providing global reach for your shipment, using a combination of air, ocean and road freight transportation offers flexibility in transportation and improves the efficiency and the speed of movement of the shipments in a cost effective way. Multimodal transportation of freight offers a host of advantages and by choosing a logistics service provider that offers multimodal transportation, you can transport your shipments in the optimal way possible cost effectively.

Dedicated customer service

Responsive customer service is a must for the successful management and execution of a logistics plan. Without efficient customer service and good communication, the logistics chain will not operate as it should. Logistic companies should have a customer service team who are proactive, have through knowledge of the industry and be willing to go that extra mile to find optimal transportation solutions,for your business. Consider a company that has a reputation for providing good customer service as part of their logistics services.

Have active membership with multiple global freight networks

With supply chains getting more and more intricate, it is necessary for logistics companies to have partnership with a trusted network of logistics providers who can provide the required support when the need arises. Choosing a company who is an active member of multiple freight networks can ensure global reach and access to key expertise in areas related to the movement of shipment of project cargo, dangerous goods, perishables, etc.

Provides custom clearance services

If you have to import or export goods, you would have to handle the custom clearance , of your shipments according to the legal custom requirements of the country you are importing from or exporting to. As procedures and documents vary according to the country, using the services of an experienced logistics company to handle the customs clearance process of your shipment can ensure it’s delivery to its destination within the stipulated time. If you are looking for a logistics company that can meet all your logistics requirements optimally, then ALSI for Marine Services LLC is the one you are looking for. With almost 15 years of industry experience, we have what it takes to ensure that all your logistics service requirements are competently handled. As an established member of a diverse network of logistics providers, we are able to offer key expertise in specific areas of freight movement. With offices in UAE and various parts of Oman which include Falaj Al Qabil, Sohar Port Free Zone, Muscat City, Muscat Airport, Wajajah Border, Wadi Jizzi Border, Aqur, Duqm and Salalah, we are well positioned to provide all assistance for a seamless shipping process. So whether you are looking to transport freight across the border or need large sized equipment moved to a construction site or require warehousing, inventory management and distribution solutions for your products, we at ALSI for Marine Services LLC Logistics Company can provide you with optimal logistics solutions that can support your business growth positively. To know more about how ALSI for Marine Services LLC Logistics Company in the UAE can help you with your import and export logistics, get in touch with us at the earliest.

  • ALSI awarded Best Customs Clearance Broker for 2 Consecutive Years ( 2021 & 2022 ) by Oman Customs