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If you’re looking for leading Transportation Companies in Dubai? Your search ends here…

Over the last decade, UAE has emerged as one of the biggest logistics service providers across the globe. And if you are looking for reliable, and cost-effective transportation service providers in dubai, then ALSI for Marine Services LLC should be your preferred choice. Established in 2008, we have been one of the frontrunners in providing affordable, customer-centric logistics services. We have established our expertise in Ocean Freight Forwarding, Air Freight, Road Freight, Customs Clearance, Project Cargo Services, and Warehousing & Distribution. Our customer-centric approach, competitive prices, and excellent customer service have helped us see a significant rise in our customer base over the last decade. While there are several similar logistics companies in UAE, our expertise in the transportation sector, local know-how, round-the-clock services, and efficient staff gives us the edge over our competitors. So, if you are looking for transportation companies in Dubai,, this is where your search ends.

What makes ALSI a better choice than other logistics transportation companies?

After establishing ourselves as one of the major players in the logistics market in Oman, we have now earned the reputation of being one of the leading logistics transportationservice providers. We strive to provide reliable, flexible, and cost-effective international and domestic logistics services. Be it door-to-door services, hazardous cargo, or even a time-critical shipment, we do it all with perfection. Our well-placed personnel at critical positions like airports, customs clearance points along with round-the-clock service assistance have made it possible for us to be one of the best logistics services providers in UAE . And we take pride in being in line with In Country Value (ICV) plan of Sultane’s development plan. With as many as 45 registered customs clearance clerks posted at important sea and airports, our staff members ensure one of the highest customs clearance rates of 6000 clearances in a month.

Why is ALSI able to provide safer and quicker transportation?

With 8 offices across Oman with branch offices in Dubai and Hatta Border, our comprehensive efforts are dedicated to becoming one of the top transportation companies in the UAE. We also provide 24/7 operations at border offices in Wajajah, Wadi Jizzi, Hatta and Sohar Port and Muscat Airport. Being a registered member of WCA, FIATA, and OPCA along with being a registered SME with Oman’s Riyad Public Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises Development makes us one of the most reliable and efficient logistics services providers in Oman apart from one of the top transportation companies in Dubai . We put extra impetus on following compliance with the law and the administration so that we are able to provide hassle-free cross- border transportation services. All these factors put us in a position to provide safer and faster services as well as keep 100 percent compliance with the law. It also provides us a strong global reach and local knowledge. Our transportation services boast of one of the highest delivery rates across the UAE, and we take pride in that.

What makes ALSI stand out amongst several other transportation companies in the Middle East?

Over the years, we have created a powerful foundation for ourselves in the region. From providing a wide range of transportation services to maintaining a high success track record, we make sure that our shipments reach their destination on time, without any damage. Our national and international network with a few of the biggest cargo and shipment players allow us to transport any kind of cargo through various means like air, ocean freight, and road transportation. We also have a strong network of warehousing and distribution which allows us to provide door-to-door services of all kinds of cargos. By maintaining the right balance between international relations and local networks, we have mastered both domestic and international transportation services. Our comprehensive services make us a one-stop destination for all kinds of transportation needs.

How are ALSI’s services different from other logistics companies in the region?

Even though there are several other players in this booming market, what makes us stand out is our customer-centric approach and the ability to provide flexible and reliable transportation services that are tailor made for our customers. We believe in value creation, efficiency, and optimization of our resources and utilize our expertise to expedite our services. Our quick turnaround time and agility result in quicker logistics solutions, which come in handy in time-critical shipments. Our excellent customs clearance record makes us one of the few logistics companies in UAEthat makes cross-border transportation easy and efficient. As the UAE becomes a force to reckon with in the logistics sector globally, there are several Freight companies in UAE, Freight companies in UAE that are now providing excellent logistics services. And we are one of the forerunners in this area. With a customer-first policy and a focus on providing tailor-made services to all customers, we ensure timely and hassle-free transportation services in UAE at the most competitive prices..

  • ALSI awarded Best Customs Clearance Broker for 2 Consecutive Years ( 2021 & 2022 ) by Oman Customs