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With supply chains getting digitalised, drones or aerial robots are fast becoming an important technological tool that is delivering significant value across an industry where incremental cost savings are vital. Drones automate jobs traditionally done by humans enabling operations to be performed more efficiently, productively and cost-effectively. They come in varying sizes, functionality, mobility, capabilities and cost and depending on the work required to be performed, companies can select one that matches their specifications and budget.
A growing number of companies in the supply chain and logistics industry are slowly turning to drone technology to automate and optimize their supply chain operations and management and ensure a profitable growth from the many benefits derived from it.

Benefits of using drones in supply chain management

Drones are helping to define the supply chains of the future by presenting promising opportunities for enterprises to simplify their supply chains and improve their management. Companies thinking of integrating drones in their supply chain processes can look forward to a host of benefits which include:

  • Increased access to difficult and dangerous areas particularly in warehouses
  • Enhanced and efficient inventory management
  • Minimized chances of error
  • Improved speed and precision in routine operations especially in warehousing and manufacturing areas
  • Increased worker productivity when deployed with human interaction
  • Decreased long term costs
  • Decreased delivery times
  • Enhanced data collection allowing for faster and optimized decision-making
  • Increased access to difficult and dangerous areas
  • Increased tracking efficiency in supply chain routes thus preventing disruptions that could affect deliveries
  • Reduced employee injuries caused while working in dangerous environments

Used in the right applications and after thorough planning, drones can enable enterprises to place themselves at the leading edge of the innovation wave and drive significant value across its supply chain management for profitable growth.

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