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ALSI awarded Best Customs Broker 2021 by Directorate General of Customs, Oman

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best customs broker award 2021 saudi

ALSI For Marine Services has added yet another feather to its hat – that of winning the prestigious Best Customer Broker 2021 award given by the Directorate General of Customs, Oman. It’s a very prestigious achievement as providing compliant and outstanding customs clearance services is a task that requires unwavering dedication and attention to detail. ALSI has been able to facilitate customs clearance to a large number of its customers on a regular basis without compromising on the service levels and compliance. This award is a recognition of our relentless effort towards making the movement of international cargo quicker, smoother, and more efficient. This is a reinforcement of the fact that ALSI is one of the most trustworthy brands in the Oman when it comes to providing logistics services. 

For nearly 14 years, ALSI has been one of the frontrunners in providing nationwide customs clearance services for air, ocean, and road freight shipments. Their experienced and efficient staff ensures that all shipments get customs cleared within the standard turnaround time and any exceptions are addressed and resolved immediately. Our dedicated border, sea, and airport offices work round the clock to ensure that shipments are cleared on time so that there is no loss of time and money for clients. On an average we clear about 6000 customs declarations every month showcases the scale of our operations and capability to handle such large volumes. 

Customs clearance has remained one of the biggest challenges in the logistics sector as several shipments get stuck during clearance and companies have to incur heavy losses due to the time and money lost. But companies like ours have been consistently making their ordeal easier by providing efficient customs clearance services. 


Some of our services we provide as a Customs Clearance Agent are listed below:

Customs Clearance Services:

  • General Goods Clearance
  • Dangerous Goods Clearance
  • Perishables and Temperature Controlled Cargo Clearance
  • Health and Medical Goods Clearance
  • Livestock Clearance
  • Temporary Import and Export Clearance
  • Free Zone Clearance
  • Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Clearance
  • Duty Exemption Clearance
  • Services to obtain permits, approvals and No Objection from Ministry
  • Support and Advisory services to obtain duty exemption from Ministry of Commerce and Industry
  • Transit Clearance
  • On-Board Courier Clearance
  • Cross-Border Clearance (Origin and Destination)
  • Duty Deposit Refund Processing
  • Documentation Services: Obtaining Certificate of Origin, Legalization and Attestation


The logistics sector is a complex and one of the most challenging sectors as it deals with shipments from across the world, a lot of paperwork is involved in Customs clearance and shipments carry all kinds of goods that require timely delivery. Any delay can disrupt the global supply chain triggering a butterfly effect in the entire sector. This was quite visible during the COVID-19 pandemic where shipment movement across the globe was impacted due to delays and disruption in the processes. The entire world depends on such shipments for the supply of essentials and when they are delayed, it also impacts economies and the supply of important goods and materials. 


For a process that is so important, providing efficient customs clearance services is extremely crucial to keeping the supply chain smooth running. In recent years, Oman has emerged as one of the growing hubs in the logistics industry. The government has taken several initiatives to develop this sector and several other initiatives are in the pipeline. With Oman developing its logistics infrastructure, the industry can benefit greatly from efficient customs clearance services, which ALSI has been providing so effectively. 

Being awarded the Best Customs Broker 2021 showcased that not only has the company invested its time and efforts towards providing excellent customs clearance services, but has also showed its possible to provide quality service without compromising on compliance. 

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  • ALSI awarded Best Customs Clearance Broker for 2 Consecutive Years ( 2021 & 2022 ) by Oman Customs