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Compliance Driven Customs Brokers: Saving Time and Money of UAE Importers

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Compliance Driven Customs Brokers: Saving Time and Money of UAE Importers

Trade across the border is the lifeline of the global supply chain. It is on these cross-border and cross-continental freight movements that the world relies on the supply of all kinds of goods. The recent COVID-19 pandemic made the world realize just how fragile the entire supply chain was as it faced numerous disruptions during those tough times and it became amply clear that maintaining this supply chain was not just essential for the world to function smoothly but also important for countries to provide for their pupil. While there are several factors that determine the successful transportation of goods from one country to another, customs clearance at international borders is one aspect that can make or break the supply chain. Global freight movers have, time and again, found themselves in a situation where delays in customs clearance, lack of documentation, or possessing proper permissions have caused major problems in logistics movement.

While most developed logistics hubs, where their local logistics companies and shipping companies have developed hands-on knowledge and experience about everything related to customs clearance, emerging logistics powers like the UAE may find it difficult to make their customs clearance an absolutely smooth system. This is where Customs Brokers can make a positive impact. Customs brokers are professionals whom the government licenses to provide the necessary support to different businesses and individuals to comply with customs regulations while importing or exporting goods. They have in-depth knowledge of all customs rules and regulations of the country that they utilize to help companies in completing the required paperwork and documentation required for a smooth customs clearance. Apart, customs brokers also help with the classification of goods, taxes and tariffs, and all regulations regarding transporting goods.

Customs Brokers – Playing a Pivotal Role in Saving Time and Money

The logistics sector has played a pivotal role in establishing the UAE as an emerging trade power. Be it it’s centrally located geographical positioning, world-class infrastructure like roads, railways, ports, and airports to free trade policies, the UAE’s emergence as a leading logistics hub is a story that rarely ever becomes a reality. While these aspects have been instrumental in establishing the UAE as a global logistics hub, yet another significant reason that has made a huge impact on its success story is the efficient nature and availability of customs brokers.

An expert customs broker is a specialist who ensures that all shipments entering or leaving a country comply with the regulations related to import and export. It has been a long-realized reality that customs clearance is one aspect that many countries have struggled with. A lack of proper manpower, policies, and support system from the government in the customs department has resulted in important shipments waiting at international borders, wasting time and damaging price-sensitive goods. While most established logistics hubs continue to depend on department-centric customs clearance systems, the UAE has devised a fabulous additional network of customs brokers who help important shipments cross borders and reach their destination on time without any hassle. This not only helps companies save time but also huge amounts of money that they would, otherwise, spend on getting customs clearance for each of their movements.

This efficient and helpful support system has allowed the UAE to hasten their logistics movements, no matter where the shipments come from. Some of the most significant benefits that customs brokers provide are:

  • Helping you avoid costly mistakes while importing or exporting goods
  • Helping you navigate the complex customs clearance systems
  • Saving time and money by providing all the appropriate paperwork involved in customs clearance
  • Providing valuable advice about how to best transport your goods and ensure timely and safe delivery
  • Tracking shipments and providing updates on their whereabouts
  • Providing proper assistance in case of any customs dispute

What makes hiring a customs broker worthwhile is that even if you have to pay them the additional service fee, it is nothing compared to the value of your entire shipment. If your shipment gets stuck at an international border, waiting for days on end to get customs clearance, it can cost you millions. On the other hand, hiring a customs broker in the UAE will cost you close to nothing in front of the cost of shipment you stand to lose.

Customs clearance has always been one of the biggest challenges for shipments crossing international borders. Any disruption in the process can put your entire shipment in jeopardy. This is especially worth considering if you are shipping time-critical or essential goods. However, hiring a customs broker can help you do away with all these worries. These professionals are well-aware of all rules and regulations related to foreign shipments and ensure that your services are made available whenever needed. Customs brokers can be a real asset for logistics companies and shipping companies as they regularly deal with such situations. If they develop a healthy network of customs brokers capable of getting timely clearance across international borders, then it will develop a smooth logistical system that will not only benefit the individual companies but the whole population at large.

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