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Emerging technologies that could shape the future of logistics.

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Logistics trends

The Logistics industry that we see today is the throughput of countless transformations and upgradations. A myriad of technologies are on the verge of implementation in logistics which are capable enough to bring exceptional changes in the way packages are moved. The technological adaptation in the entire supply chain management system is powering up the growth of the industry. The ongoing and upcoming innovations are going to shape the future of logistics. Let’s have a look at a few of the emerging technologies that are soon going to hit the sector. 


Documentation and processing are some of the most challenging functionalities of logistics. Immense efforts and plenty of time and money are spent on coordinating the same. Having it streamlined can save a huge amount of money and time. Blockchains readdressed the issues with much more transparency and security. Blockchains is a distributed ledger system with entries in the form of block shared by every individual stakeholder. The entries are synchronized throughout the network and can neither be deleted nor altered. The modification to any of the data is done by adding another block to the chain. The blockchain technology is a safe and secure pathway for information sharing at a reduced cost and time.

AI for supply chain optimization

The introduction of Artificial intelligence has optimized the functionalities of supply chain management. Be it in warehousing, tracking, or backend logistics, AI automation has reduced the turnaround time thereby improving efficiency. Being a cost-effective alternative, the use of AI has provided the customers with a whole new experience of effective logistics. 

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of things is another breakthrough in the logistics industry. The real-time visibility of a package being shipped was made possible with the IoT technology. The RFID tags, sensors, and GPS helps in monitoring the movement of packages and can also take necessary actions to make the delivery as early as possible. The IoT technology has brought up with ultimate transparency in the logistics sector along with operational efficiency. 

Augmented reality

Speed, reliability, security, and accuracy are the driving forces of the logistics industry. Faster accessibility to accurate data is critical in enhancing the performance of logistics. This is where augmented reality is revolutionizing the logistics industry. From warehouse operations to secure transportation and other operational requirements are well optimized by augmented reality-based operations. The advent of augmented reality has paved way for improved and secure delivery of packages.

Autonomous transport

Automation has intrigued the world of logistics with exceptional operational efficiency without human intervention. Every aspect of logistics is being automated which resulted in an efficient and cost-effective mode of operation. Automated vehicles are going to be the next big leap in the logistics industry. Autonomous vehicles are self-driving vehicles that can move from the source point to the destination point with little or no human effort. Autonomous vehicles are capable of sensing the environment through which it is driving. This reduces the chances for accidents and delays which can either be caused by a human-driven truck. These driverless trucks can be easily traced and rerouted in case of traffic blocks providing timely delivery of packages. 

3D printing

3D printing which was a far possibility in the logistics industry is going to be a reality in the near future.  3D printing aids in the storage and replacement of parts in virtual warehouses in a digitalized form. These data models are easily printable at any point in time. This leverages the last-minute shipping difficulties and eases the entire process with enhanced efficiency.     

Drone delivery

With the delay in delivery being a major concern, logistics companies are putting enormous effort to satisfy the customer demands with maximum precision. Drones are another major technological innovations that is going to be implemented in the near future. Drones are considered to be the most suited option for the last mile deliveries. Drone, being an aerial vehicle, facilitates faster and secure delivery through the sky. Hence city traffic will not affect the timely delivery of the packages. Drones are highly adaptable to any geographical or infrastructural conditions. Tracking of missed employees and assets is also an added advantages of drones. Companies have already headed up with the idea of using drones and is soon going to be a reality.

These emerging technologies are going to bring revolutionary changes to the logistics industry. The entire logistics operations will be simplified with enhanced efficiency and at a lower cost. Not too far are the days when drones will deliver at your doorstep.

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