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New Marine bunker fuel facility at the Port of Duqm: Oman solidifies its position as a global logistics and shipping hub

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New Marine bunker fuel facility at the Port of Duqm: Oman solidifies its position as a global logistics and shipping hub

Oman, with its strategic and aggressive policies, has been moving towards achieving its Vision 2040 of diversifying its economy and reducing its dependence on oil. Riding high on the advantages that its geographical location provides and some really effective and smart government policies, Oman seems to be well on course for what it has sought to achieve. In recent times, Oman has signed some historic MoUs with various allies like Africa, and the Netherlands to expedite its projects and infrastructural and economic growth. The development of the Sohar Port and Free Zone, the construction of a railway line joining the other Saudi countries, and the building of a cross-border road across the desert have meant that Oman can now act as the main point for trade within the GCC region and join it to the rest of the world.

In yet another effort to solidify its position as a global logistics and shipping hub in the world, the Oman government inaugurated a new Marine bunker fuel facility at the Port of Duqm, which is yet another opportunity for the logistics companies and shipping companies in Oman to fast-forward their role in contributing to Oman’s burgeoning economy. Located in the Duqm Special Economic Zone (SEZAD), this new fuel bunker facility will supply a complete range of bunker fuel to ships at the port and port anchorage.

New Marine bunker fuel facility at the Port of Duqm – Way of the Future

The inauguration of the new Marine bunker fuel facility at the Port of Duqm will further strengthen Oman’s position as a global logistics and shipping hub, something that the country has been trying to establish for some time now. This new development is aligned with Vision 2040, which aims at the long-term strategy of facilitating the growth of several sectors in Oman including logistics, shipping, and energy in addition to their respective infrastructure. An efficient shipping facility will bring easy access to the raw material required for the economic development of the country, and enable the manufacturing and export of several kinds of products and goods while making all these efforts environment friendly as shipping has the lowest carbon footprints amongst all kinds of modes of transport. It will also further solidify the logistics sector, which is one of the main pillars of economic diversification and growth in Oman. With this bunker, providing ships with the required fuel will become a lot more cost-effective and efficient.

In recent times, the demand for marine fuels has increased considerably and this newly inaugurated marine fuel tank will play an important role in fulfilling that need including the highest specification compliant HSFO, VLSFO, and LSMGO marine fuel, International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 8217 and low Sulphur fuel-compliant marine fuels in line with International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) decarbonization targets. This establishment is laced with international quality safe bunkering service capabilities, ensuring that all deliveries are in compliance with the highest standards defined by international bodies while operating according to the health and safety protocols charted by the Port of Duqm and Omani COVID-19 regulations.

The recent refurbishment of the Port of Duqm will not remain limited to providing fuel services. It has also been readied to provide a range of other services including pilotage, waste collection, fresh water supply, crew change, tug services, dry dock services, ship spares, de-slopping services, and ship handling. What makes this new facility extremely important for the international logistics industry is its strategic location and close proximity to important shipping traffic access like Suez Canal, Arabian Gulf and Indian Ocean. This is a significant achievement for Oman, which is looking to focus on logistics and shipping as an important enabler of economic diversification in line with Vision 2040.

Envisioning a Great Future

The newly inaugurated marine bunker is one facility that is set for Oman’s futuristic goal of becoming a nation that provides global facilities for the international logistics industry. As Oman looks to lure more international shipments to its ports, this new facility will enable movement as these gigantic ships will be able to refuel at this fuel bunker. The Duqm Port is one of the largest ports in Oman and the gateway to a majority of breakbulk and project cargo, making this development a significant part of Oman’s logistics bludgeoning story.

Not just this, Oman is developing extensive support infrastructure in and around the port to enable faster, more efficient, and effective services of global standards. Oman is expecting a rise in traffic in this zone and the port’s ability to manage large-scale shipments will further establish Oman as an emerging leader in global logistics. This is yet another amazing opportunity for the shipping companies and logistics companies in Oman to showcase their readiness to handle world-scale operations and exhibit their keenness to be solid support towards Oman’s dream.

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