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Sohar Port & Free zone export-import grow by 32% in the third quarter of 2022 as the rapidly growing complex continues to transform the sultanate’s burgeoning maritime and logistics industry

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Sohar Port & Free zone export-import grow by 32% in the third quarter of 2022 as the rapidly growing complex continues to transform the sultanate’s burgeoning maritime and logistics industry

Oman has been investing heavily in the development of its strategically located ports for over a decade. And the efforts have started yielding results. Oman was, for the longest time, hugely dependent on its oil-based economy. However, as the resources started to deplete and the world started moving towards greener energy alternatives, Oman also hopped onto the bandwagon to diversify its economy and develop its greener energy sources. To say that the Sultanate has been successful in pulling it off would be an understatement. If numbers are to be believed, Oman has done what it set out for in less time than expected and is now already working towards constructing a brighter, greener, and more sustainable future.

In this burgeoning development, the country’s maritime and logistics industry, riding high on the country’s shipping companies and logistics companies, has played a significant role. From being a traditional industry to emerging as a technologically driven, smartly placed and aggressively positioned, the logistics sector in Oman has powered its progress with considerable force. And things only seem to have begun. Oman’s smart utilization of its geographical upper hand and the right moves in port development has made it a logistics hub in the global marketplace. This sustained and inclusive economy can be greatly credited to one entity alone – Sohar Port and Free zone – a rapidly growing complex that aptly reflects Oman’s current aspirations and future prospects.

Sohar Port and Free zone – A Shining Example of Oman’s Future

Established in 2002, Sohar Port always maintained a strategic advantage in the region due to its proximity to the Strait of Hormuz. Being one of the only stretches of water between the Gulf and the Indian Ocean, it links the Gulf region to India, the rest of the Middle East, South East Asia, China and Europe. It is the Sohar Port that has opened the world to Oman and is now considered one of the fastest-growing ports in the world. Within a span of two decades, the Sohar Port announced itself by recording a 21% increase in throughput in 2020. And the numbers in 2022 are even more impressive with the throughput of both export and import being reported with an increase of 32%. Not just that, the dry bulk volume grew by 38%, and liquid bulk volume by 28% while recording a 60% increase in Ship-to-Ship Cargo. All of this has become possible due to its strategic location and the ability to deliver unmatched services with an equally unmatched turnaround time.

The performance at the Sohar Port and Free Zone becomes even more impressive since the year 2022 has been a tumultuous one for the global logistics industry as well as the local shipping companies and logistics companies. Growing energy prices, soaring consumer goods prices, and several other global political events drastically increased the marine bunker prices and shipping costs in every sector.

Meanwhile, Oman’s strategic alliance with different countries have made the going even smoother. The future for this gigantic port looks extremely bright and secure. The recent signing of MoUs with the Port of Rotterdam is expected to help it grow on a continuous basis in the next year as well. That apart, Oman’s collaboration with the Netherlands will ensure that they have higher investments pouring into the green energy sectors, especially green hydrogen. Cumulatively, these will have a huge impact on the growth of Sohar Port and Free Zone, which is likely to become one of the leading ports in the world very soon.

What the Future Holds for Sohar and Oman

The data looks promising, hinting at equally sustainable and prosperous growth. There are plans for further expansion of the port and Free Zone with the government pressing on inviting overseas investors and increasing the operational capability of Sohar. With the Oman economy expected to grow at 5.7% in the coming year and heavy Foreign Direct Investments pouring into the zone, Sohar is sure to emerge as the home of mega-projects in spheres like consumer goods manufacturing and enabling food and industrial supplies at competitive prices.

In line with Oman’s Vision 2040, the Sohar Port and Free Zone has already attracted a whopping $27 billion of investment. And it only seems to be heading northwards from here on. Operational round the clock, Sohar Port is expanding its might in terms of handling shipments and trade. Being a strategic gateway of the region, it plays an integral part in bringing requisite goods for the industries in the Free Zone and the GEC region and its ongoing expansion is sure to increase Oman’s role in international trade and make it a global logistics hub.

Sohar Port and Free Zone are pushing the maritime and logistics industries in Oman to new heights. Its highly developed infrastructure, technologically advanced setup, conducive atmosphere for setting up businesses, and one-stop regulatory procedure window provide an ideal platform for international businesses to establish their hubs with ease. Sohar has emerged as Oman’s flag bearer for development and it is sure to bring huge waves of investments in the region, making Oman one of the global leaders in logistics.

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