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warehouse management

Third-party logistics (3PL) services providers in Oman are at the forefront of providing cost-effective and quality services for customers for all of their logistics services requirements. One of the key components of this service delivery is the expensive warehousing and distribution facilities of these 3PL companies that are spread across Oman. These facilities are manned by skilled personnel, operate in highly automated and secure environments and provide a wide range of services.
The facilities and services provided include the following:

  • All types of storage facilities – open yard, dry, temperature-controlled, chemical, etc.
  • Consolidation and distribution, cross-docking, container stuffing and de-stuffing, inventory management and other material handling services
  • All types of packing services including industrial packing, promotional packing and rework, pick and pack services, repackaging, labelling, lashing and securing services, etc.
  • Handling of special cargo like pipes of large volume
  • Fumigation and other protection services for the cargo

Open Yard Storage

Open yard storage facilities owned and operated by 3PL companies are usually located close to air and seaports and within industrial parks or trade free zones. The facilities can handle consignments of all sizes and from all types of industries. The facilities are highly automated and the customer can continuously track the movement and storage status of the consignment through the web-based interfaces of the logistics management software of the 3PL service provider. The facilities are fully secured by 24×7 monitoring by security personnel of the surveillance systems installed to cover the entire area of a facility.
The open yard storage facilities have the required types of material handling and moving equipment to manage any type of large cargo. These equipment are operated by qualified personnel to ensure that no damage is caused to the cargo while it is being stored in the open yards.
The open yard storage services are availed by a variety of businesses including vehicle dealerships, oil and gas companies, construction contractors, etc.

Industrial Packing

Businesses everywhere and across sectors are looking for cost-effective solutions for safe storage and transport of materials. 3PL service providers have in-house facilities for providing industrial packing solutions for a wide variety of products that come in all sizes and shapes. A range of modular packing solutions is now available that are reusable and thus, highly cost-effective.
Industrial packing solutions offered by 3PL service providers include the following:

  • Various types of stackable containers, stack-nest containers, foldable containers, specialized containers for electronic products, storage bins, etc.
  • Dollies and pallets
  • Large-sized containers and pallet boxes
  • Labelling solutions for tracking and retrieval of the packing materials
  • Customized solutions for cargo that are fragile, odd-shaped and sized, temperature-sensitive, etc.

3PL companies in Oman provide these packing services at their facilities to ensure safe storage, easy retrieval, safe transport and prompt delivery of goods that are entrusted to them by customers who look for efficient and cost-effective solutions for their bulk packing and transportation requirements.

Container Stuffing and De-stuffing

A shipping container cannot be stuffed randomly to fill it any which way. A structured container stuffing plan is required after a thorough analysis of the quantity, volume and type of the goods to be loaded into the container. The container should be loaded such that it is well balanced for transit. Incompatible goods are to be properly segregated. The stuffing plan should also consider the complexities and hindrances that could occur while unloading the container at the destination.
Similarly, unloading or de-stuffing of a container at its container should also follow a well-laid-out plan. Proper equipment should be available at the receiving end to unload the various types of goods in the container and move it to the storage racks or spaces. The goods should be inspected to ensure that those are in proper condition and have to be unloaded and moved by personnel who are skilled and experienced to handle these operations. The goods may have to re-labelled to suit the requirements of a customer receiving the goods.
3PL companies have the required equipment and personnel to effectively manage the container stuffing and de-stuffing operations so that goods are moved in an efficient and cost-effective manner, received in good condition and moved promptly to the location where it is to be used or stored.

Packaging and Repackaging

3PL companies consider packaging and repackaging as integral components of their services offering. Many times, the type of packing of products at the manufacturing facilities may not be apt for storing at 3PL warehouse and distribution facilities. Also, these factory packing may not come in sizes that enable efficient stuffing in containers. This leads to an increase in shipping and overall costs of the product. The packaging solutions offered by 3PL companies will ensure that your goods are stored safely and shipped efficiently so that your customers receive it in good condition and at good prices.
Repackaging solutions are needed when a product manufactured by one party has to be modified or its packaging changed to suit the requirements of the new owner. 3PL companies can provide standard and customised repackaging solutions that fully meet the new or modified requirements.
By opting for a competent third-party logistics provider in Oman to handle all your shipment logistics, you can concentrate on your business’s core competencies without worries.
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