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Air Freight Vs Ocean Freight – Which Moves Better?

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Air Freight Vs Ocean Freight

Air Freight

Airfreight parcel delivery is the shipment or transfer of goods via air. The flights that transfer these goods can be chartered or commercial. Such shipment can travel out of passenger aviation gateways where planes can fly and land. The main advantage of air freight shipping is its express shipping option which coordinates sensitive shipping to all parts of the world. This shipment process can be more advantageous for small companies as it helps to get into international trade in an effective manner. Comparing with other shipments of goods, air freight shipment is more secure as the airport controls over cargo are managed tightly. Airfreight shipment helps in the rapid growth of import and export industries.
Airfreight forwarding is the process of planning and organizing the transport of goods from one place to another via air. Freight forwarders do not move your goods but they assist your shipping and simplifies your burden of communicating with all the people who handle your goods. They make sure that the goods are safely delivered at the customer’s hands.

Ocean Freight

Ocean freight is the shipment of goods through the sea or ocean. The goods are transported to other countries for commercial gain. In the case of ocean freight shipping, goods or cargo are packed in shipping containers. This shipment is widely used to ship large and heavy freight and thus this is the common method of shipment. Most of the products that we received by online shopping are through ocean freight shipment. Comparing with air freight shipment, there are only fewer restrictions and lower emissions for ocean freight shipment. Airfreight shipment emits ten times more carbon dioxide than ocean freight shipment. And also hazardous freights are restricted in air freight shipment.
Ocean freight forwarding is the process of planning and organizing the transport of goods from one place to another via sea. This process is done by freight forwarders which can be an individual or a company that prepares documentation for the shipment.
Generally, transportation involves the flow of goods and it acts like a link that connects customers, warehouses, suppliers, and channel members. Transportation and warehousing are the 2 main factors of logistics. Logistics plays an important role in customer satisfaction.

Which moves faster?

If you want to receive goods faster, then air freight shipment is the best option. Ocean freight shipment is slower because it has to take early preparations before sending the goods. Normally it takes one to two weeks for air freight shipment but in the case of ocean freight shipment, it takes eight to ten weeks for door to door services.

Which Freight Makes More Costly?

Ocean freight shipping is cheaper than air freight shipping. Airfreight shipping can cost up to $1.50 to $4.50 per kilogram whereas ocean freight shipping costs from $0.5 per kilogram. The cost of shipping depends upon two factors- the weight and volume of the goods. If the shipments are smaller, sometimes air freight shipping will even end up less expensive.

Which is More Safety?

Airfreight shipping is safer than ocean freight shipping as the air freight involves minimal handling of goods. As a result, the risk of damage to goods is low. In addition to this, the airport regulations are very strict in handling, storing, and securing the goods. But in the case of ocean freight shipping, the goods are packed in containers. As these containers are heavy, the products inside the containers are very congested. The safety of goods in both shipping are varied according to the weight of the freight.

Which Carry More Cargo?

No doubt, ocean freight shipping carries more goods than air freight shipping without incurring enormous costs in transportation. As the ocean freight shipping transports bulky and heavier goods, the products are packed in containers. Normally the goods that are ordered online are transported by ocean shipping.

Eco-Friendly Practices

Ocean freight shipping is more eco friendly than air freight shipping due to high carbon emissions. However ocean freight shipping pollutes water on shipment, experts prove that air freight shipment mode pollutes more. So both modes of transportation play a great impact on the environment.

Restrictions for Hazards

Hazardous goods are restricted in air freight shipping. This includes transportation of radioactive materials, flammable liquids, volatile chemicals, compressed gases, aerosols, dry ice, wet cell batteries, etc. but ocean freight shipping allows shipping of hazardous products with appropriate labels. So that people can identify the product and handle it safely.
The decision and choice in selecting air freight or ocean freight depend upon the weight of the goods and time required to deliver the goods. If you want to send products in an emergency, then air freight is the best option whereas if you want to ship heavy objects then ocean freight will be better. So be wise in choosing the mode of shipping.

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