Smooth Sailing through Customs Clearance in Oman: A Guide to Ensuring Compliance, Avoiding Penalties, and Navigating Potential Pitfalls

When it comes to international trade and business operations, efficient and compliant customs clearance is crucial. For businesses operating in Oman, understanding the customs clearance process is a necessity to avoid penalties, ensure compliance, and navigate potential pitfalls. In this … Continue reading

How GCC Free Trade Zones Can Help Businesses Simplify Customs Clearance?

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The Digital Transformation of Customs Clearance and How Technology is Transforming the Process

Customs clearance is essential to ensure the smooth flow of products across borders in the fast-paced world of international trade. A game-changer, the digital transformation of customs clearance has streamlined procedures, increased efficiency, and decreased delays. This blog examines how … Continue reading

The Impact of UAE-Oman Transportation on Trade and Commerce to driving economic growth

In today’s global economy, businesses are always looking for ways to expand their reach and increase profits. One of the key factors in achieving this is efficient transportation and logistics. The United Arab Emirates and Oman have experienced significant growth … Continue reading

Last-Mile Delivery Excellence: How ALSI Delivers Value through Road Freight

In today’s fast-paced world, last-mile delivery has become a critical factor in the supply chain management of any business. The rise of e-commerce has made it imperative for businesses to ensure that their products are delivered to their customers on … Continue reading

The Importance of Trade Compliance in Customs Clearance: Key Considerations for Businesses

In today’s global economy, international trade is a crucial part of many businesses’ success. However, navigating the complex web of trade regulations and customs clearance procedures can be a daunting task. Failure to comply with these regulations can have serious … Continue reading

The Role of Cross Border Transportation in Promoting Trade Facilitation and Regional Integration in GCC

Globalization has brought immense opportunities for businesses to expand their reach beyond borders. The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region is no exception. With the increase in cross-border trade, transportation has become a critical factor in facilitating trade and commerce within … Continue reading

How ALSI Ensures Compliance with Civil Defense Regulations for Chemical Transportation in Oman

Transporting chemicals is an essential aspect of the industrial operation, and it comes with several risks. Several regulations are put in place to ensure the safe transportation of hazardous chemicals in Oman. ALSI, a leading chemical transportation company in Oman, … Continue reading

ALSI’s Approach to Risk Management in Civil Defense-Approved Chemical Transportation in Oman

In the world of chemical transportation, safety is always a top priority. As Oman continues to develop its industries, the need for efficient and secure transport of hazardous chemicals has become increasingly important. That’s where ALSI comes in. As a … Continue reading

The Importance of a Strategic Approach to Project Cargo Logistics in Dubai

Dubai is a vibrant and bustling hub for business and logistics. For companies looking to transport project cargo to this region, however, the complexities of the logistics process can be a daunting prospect. To ensure success, a strategic approach to … Continue reading

Unlocking the Secrets of Seamless Logistics: A Deep Dive into ALSI’s Customs Brokerage Services in the Middle East, Africa, and India

Logistics has always been a crucial component of any successful business, and in today’s world of global commerce, it’s more important than ever. From procurement to transportation, from storage to distribution, every aspect of the supply chain must be carefully … Continue reading

The Future Outlook for Event and Exhibition Logistics in GCC, Including the Potential for Growth and Development

Events and exhibitions are an increasingly important part of business and marketing in the GCC region. For event and exhibition logistics, ALSI is the perfect partner to help organizations unlock the full potential of their activities. With a wealth of … Continue reading

Understanding the Role of Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders in Customs Clearance Services in the GCC Region

Navigating the complexities of customs clearance in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) can be a daunting task for businesses. With a maze of regulations, paperwork, and requirements, it can be challenging to navigate the process without the right expertise. That’s … Continue reading

Improving Sustainable Automobile Logistics Solutions Efficient and Cost-Effective Approach in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is a rapidly growing economy, and with that growth comes the need for efficient and cost-effective logistics solutions for automobile transport. In response, the UAE has invested heavily in developing and improving sustainable automobile logistics solutions … Continue reading

Budget 2023: The Omani Government Launches 19 New and Expanded Initiatives to Advance the Logistics Sector

Oman’s Ministry of Finance recently announced Budget 2023, assigning a huge chunk of money to 19 different projects for the logistics industry in the country. This is a huge shift from the previous budgets and clearly shows that the government … Continue reading

The development of Oman’s ports and their importance to the country’s logistics sector

For the longest time, Oman was over-reliant on oil for the proliferation of its economy. However, depleting resources and skyrocketing prices led the government to look towards economic diversification. This enabled the growth of other sectors through dedicated and strategic … Continue reading

New Marine bunker fuel facility at the Port of Duqm: Oman solidifies its position as a global logistics and shipping hub

Oman, with its strategic and aggressive policies, has been moving towards achieving its Vision 2040 of diversifying its economy and reducing its dependence on oil. Riding high on the advantages that its geographical location provides and some really effective and … Continue reading

Project Cargo Transportation: The Crucial Significance in Complex Deliveries

The logistics industry in itself is an extremely complex web of operations of humongous proportions. Things become even more challenging when it comes to Project Cargo, which is considered one of the most challenging operational functions in the logistics industry. … Continue reading

Sohar Port & Free zone export-import grow by 32% in the third quarter of 2022 as the rapidly growing complex continues to transform the sultanate’s burgeoning maritime and logistics industry

Oman has been investing heavily in the development of its strategically located ports for over a decade. And the efforts have started yielding results. Oman was, for the longest time, hugely dependent on its oil-based economy. However, as the resources … Continue reading

Significance of NVOCC in Global Logistics and the Role of Freight Forwarders in Supply Chain Solutions

Global logistics and supply chains are a complex web of things that requires careful handling and multiple sources to keep things running smoothly. It takes several players to ensure that cross-border shipments move without any hassle and reach their destination … Continue reading

Compliance Driven Customs Brokers: Saving Time and Money of UAE Importers

Trade across the border is the lifeline of the global supply chain. It is on these cross-border and cross-continental freight movements that the world relies on the supply of all kinds of goods. The recent COVID-19 pandemic made the world … Continue reading

Oman evaluates its transportation and logistics collaboration with Saudi counterpart: Expands commercial potential

The last couple of years has been nothing short of an economic upheaval with several countries floundering under the instability caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftereffects. The GCC region is not an exception either. Several countries in the … Continue reading

Energy logistics on the cusp of transformation as Oman looks to establish cooperative ventures in green hydrogen, logistics, and port infrastructures with the Netherlands

Oman and its logistics industry have been on a roll when it comes to development. The Sultanate has taken several initiatives in making the logistics industry a strong pillar for achieving its dream of economic diversification. At the same time, … Continue reading

The 2022 FIFA World Cup and the Economic Revival of Qatar – A Dream of a Million People

This Sunday is going to be the biggest day in the history of Qatar as the FIFA World Cup comes to the Middle East for the first time ever. While it means the world to millions of football fans who … Continue reading

With competitive services, infrastructure, strategic location, and operational efficiency, Sohar Port turns a global model of modern operational efficiency

Recently, the UAE and Oman signed a historic MoU that will link Oman’s Sohar Port to the UAE’s National Rail Network. Why this deal is significant because it has set the ball rolling for Oman’s Vision 2040 which envisions positioning … Continue reading

Oman solidifies its position as a logistical hub for Zanzibar’s commercial logistics: The beginning of a new era in trade and economic activities between the Sultanate of Oman and Zanzibar

Oman, over the last decade, has continuously worked towards solidifying trade and business relations with its neighboring countries and the emirates. The main idea behind developing these relationships is to create a business-friendly atmosphere within and outside of the borders … Continue reading

Indian economic, commercial, and investment cooperation forge new paths for the expansion of the logistics industry in the Sultanate

Oman’s Vision 2040 is the Sultanate’s dream project that aims to develop a productive and diversified economy based on innovation, integration of roles, and creating equal opportunities. Oman has been working towards reducing its over-dependence on the oil and gas … Continue reading

Oman to position itself as a leading hub of green hydrogen and green ammonia intertwines with India’s National Green Hydrogen Mission: A fresh start for renewable energy logistics

Climate change is a reality, and the sooner all of us accept and acknowledge it, the better we can prepare ourselves for the future. Even though there have been bouts of protests and disagreements from the global political class to … Continue reading

Rail link between Sohar Port and Abu Dhabi: Envisaged to play a major role in boosting the logistics sector and activating commercial exchange in the future

In today’s globally connected economy, where each country is dependent on world trade, it is paramount to have strong ties with neighboring countries. Cross-border trade is a business model that countries across the globe have relied on for centuries. And … Continue reading

By 2030, Oman and Qatar seek to build an integrated logistics space that connects maritime ports, airports, rail, and roads

There is no doubt about the fact that the GCC region has emerged as an integral link between the East and the West for maritime movements. Most governments across GCC countries are moving towards developing their logistics companies and overall … Continue reading

Utilizing its strategic location to its fullest potential, Oman to develop itself as a key logistics hub in the Middle East

For the last couple of decades, Oman has been working relentlessly toward reducing its overdependence on oil and diversifying its economy. While the government has invested heavily in several industries to achieve this goal, the logistics industry has emerged as … Continue reading

The evolution of logistics in Oman is opening up numerous opportunities and resolving industry trends toward advancement

Growing at a fast pace, the logistics industry in Oman has been one of the main pillars in the government’s effort of diversifying the economy and solidifying its position as a global leader in the world of trade. The technological … Continue reading

Customs clearance between Oman and other GCC countries: How TIR System helps in Lower Transportation Costs and Faster Border Crossings

There is no denying the fact that TIR (International Road Transit System) provides a number of benefits. The first and most significant one is that it helps transport companies save a lot of time and money in transporting goods through … Continue reading

By 2030, Oman’s National Energy Strategy aims to generate 30% of its electricity from renewable sources: The logistics industry to play a crucial part in the timely completion

The year 2030 seems like a landmark year in terms of achieving climate-friendly energy production as several countries across the globe are aiming to significantly cut their overdependence on non-renewable energy sources. Be it China, Germany, or the USA, the … Continue reading

Dubai continues to maintain its unique position as the Middle East’s automotive hub: Demand for commercial vehicles originating from the UAE in the Gulf and African Countries

Dubai has very successfully positioned itself as the international automotive hub in the GCC region. This growth is visible in the way the automobile sector has shown tremendous growth in the recent past even though the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the … Continue reading

The Aviation and Defense Logistics and Support Outlook for 2022: UAE Government Initiatives

The Aviation and Defense Logistics industry have emerged as two of the major contributors to UAE’s flourishing economy. Even though both industries took a major hit during the COVID-19 pandemic, the UAE government has been relentlessly taking several initiatives to … Continue reading

How Can The UAE’s Food And Beverage Supply Chain Respond To Current Market Challenges?

The Food and Beverage (F&B) Industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the UAE. With Dubai being the melting pot of a global population that enjoys a worldly taste of things, has high disposable income, luxurious and flamboyant lifestyles … Continue reading

Changing Dynamics in Middle East’s Retail Sector; Logistics Landscape on the Cusp of a New Wave of Transformation

If there is one thing that the world can readily agree on about the Middle East is that a large section of the population here has strong spending power and high disposable income. The lifestyles that some of the high-income … Continue reading

Road Freight Segment Using TIR System: Accounted for Highest Share of the GCC Pharmaceutical Logistics Landscape

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted the health index in almost every country across the world. And the countries in the GCC region are no exception. The widespread presence of the virus accounted for a huge surge in demand for basic health … Continue reading

Oman’s Budget 2023 – A well-intended step towards speeding up developmental plans

The last two years have been a real challenge for even the biggest global economies that have struggled to stay afloat following the disastrous pandemic year. Oman has been no exception. As the pandemic brought the entire world down to … Continue reading

Time-efficient services, exceptional performance & volume management – Port of Salalah ranked the second most efficient port globally

At a time when most countries in the world are still struggling to get back on their feet due to the pandemic setback, Omani ports are making headlines for all the right reasons. Recently, the port of Salalah was ranked … Continue reading

UAE-India CEPA Deal; Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement to Simplify Customs Procedures and Reduce Logistics Costs

The UAE, for the last few decades, has been aggressively working towards diversifying its economy in a bid to reduce its overdependence on oil, which is seen as a depleting natural resource now. From introducing several state-backed business policies, developing … Continue reading

The Role of Reverse Logistics: Managing the Lifecycle of Products to Maximize Value in the door-to-door cargo delivery Process

The logistics industry has proved its worth in the last couple of years, especially during the pandemic when the international movement of essential goods made it possible to provide some of the most important supplies reaching to those in need. … Continue reading

Royal Decree Issued to Set Up Three Free Zones in the Sultanate of Oman: For Achieving Economic Diversification and Financial Sustainability

The past five decades in Oman’s history have been all about stupendous success. From an underdeveloped country in the ’60s to becoming one of the promising contenders in global trade and active development, Oman has come a long way in … Continue reading

Managing Customs Risk and Compliance: An Integrated Approach To Simplify Your Supply Chain Imports

It is understood that a global supply chain is complicated and at the same time vulnerable as it doesn’t take too much to disrupt it. Disruption of the supply chain can have a global impact and countries can face a … Continue reading

ALSI awarded Best Customs Broker 2021 by Directorate General of Customs, Oman

ALSI For Marine Services has added yet another feather to its hat – that of winning the prestigious Best Customer Broker 2021 award given by the Directorate General of Customs, Oman. It’s a very prestigious achievement as providing compliant and … Continue reading

Duqm Port: A Strategic Partnership with the Port of Antwerp for Future Growth between Oman and Belgium

Ports in Oman have been one of the major contributors to the country’s economic development. And the subsequent efforts by the government to further push their contribution to the national economy have been showing consistent results. The fact that several … Continue reading

Oman Invests in Ports with Eye to Becoming Gulf Gateway

Once a mega oil producer, Oman’s oil reserves are dwindling. This has been a major area of concern for the government that is now looking at diversifying its economy to decrease its dependence on oil. The efforts to develop other … Continue reading

Steering the shipping industry towards a carbon-free future

The shipping industry plays an important part in sustaining and supporting the global economy. However, as vital as this industry is to the world, it is also responsible for up to three per cent of global carbon emissions, a major … Continue reading

Logistics 2020 – Trends and Themes

Technological advancements are heading up each year extending its hands to almost every fields. Same is in the case of logistics too. Logistics have also evolved with these fast-changing technologies and with the newest innovations. Logistics have grown to a … Continue reading

Oman: An Emerging Global Logistics Hub

It is well known that the oil industry is the backbone of Oman’s economic development. The current fluctuations in the oil sector can make a heavy impact on the economic growth of the country. To support this imbalance in the … Continue reading

Dubai CommerCity – An ideal opportunity for logistics companies in UAE.

Covid-19 is still not passed, but business, trade & logistics companies in UAE have resumed returning to normalcy with newer technology, positive enthusiasm and the will to overcome the virus. One sector that has sustained and grown significantly during global … Continue reading

Duqm Port : New Logistics and Shipping Hub in Oman

Duqm was once upon a time a non-descriptive silent port town located in central-eastern Oman. Located on the Arabian Sea is all set to become the next logistic hub and maritime destination in the Middle East. With 2,000 sq km … Continue reading

Things to know about the Border Customs Clearance UAE and Oman

Border Customs Clearance UAE And Oman-  Procedures Oman and UAE are countries involved in the active export and import of products across their international borders. They are on good terms with almost all the nations of the world with strong … Continue reading

Oman Vision 2040: Sohar Port and Free Zone being the key enabler of growth by luring in foreign direct investments and serving as the location for major projects

The Sohar Port and Free Zone in Oman have emerged as one of the pillars of the country’s economic diversification. The Oman Vision 2040 is a long-term plan towards making Oman a stronger economy through collaborative efforts, the planned execution … Continue reading


With supply chains getting digitalised, drones or aerial robots are fast becoming an important technological tool that is delivering significant value across an industry where incremental cost savings are vital. Drones automate jobs traditionally done by humans enabling operations to … Continue reading

Logistics for Startup Companies in UAE – Things To Know

Logistics for startups in UAE   Shopping is great fun, be it the online medium or in the real physical world. Retailers and businesses go a lot out of their way, strategize day and night to lure customers with amazing … Continue reading

Industry 4.0 & Supply Chain Management

The industrial revolution has brought significant changes in the way we live and work. The easiness in the works that we perform today is attained by the rapid growth in the industrial and economic development. The industrial revolution has begun … Continue reading

Based on data issued by the world bank: Oman ranks second in the Arab world on the ‘logistics performance in the world’ index:

Introduction The industry of logistics in Oman is a thriving one and is central to the advancing and competitive economy of the country that is decisive in the increasing inward investment and non-oil exports, which are proving to be an … Continue reading

GCC Transportation And Logistics

WHAT IS GCC TRANSPORTATION?    The basic difference between transport and logistics is, transport denotes the movement of people and logistics includes the drive of goods, resources, and so on (freight). In the logistic wheel, transportation plays a vital role. … Continue reading

Implementation of the TIR system: Facilitating the movement of trade and transit of goods at border crossings – Gulf, India, and Africa markets

In yet another initiative to enhance and emphasize the betterment of freight transportation services, the Sultanate, represented by the ASYAD Group announced the implementation of the International Road Transport System (TIR) recently. Over the last decade, the governments in the … Continue reading

The challenges in logistics and transportation industry in Oman

Oman has been a key destination and transit point for trade for many centuries with the port of Muttrah in Muscat being the preferred berthing place for refilling en route from the Persian Gulf to the Indian Subcontinent. Oman has … Continue reading

Future of Warehousing

Significant technological developments emerging in warehousing are changing the way goods are received, stored, shipped and distributed. In the coming years, many of the warehouse activities and processes are expected to evolve to the next level with the help of … Continue reading

Key performance indicators in logistics and supply chain management

Logistics and supply chain management are closely interrelated. Logistics play a key role in supply chain management. The effective and timely delivery of products across the globe are well established only through proper planning and coordination by the logistics companies. … Continue reading

Refrigerated Warehouses – an evolution through AI and IoT

A warehouse is a large storage area for storing goods. Most of the large scale autonomous companies maintain a warehouse to improve the efficiency of supply chain management. Due to the fluctuating market demand for products, the necessity for storage … Continue reading

Autonomous forklift market- An overview

Autonomous forklifts are lift trucks that work without human help. Autonomous forklift as the name stipulates is completely autonomous in nature. They are capable of doing all warehouses operations independently. Autonomous forklifts eliminate the need for human workers for warehouse … Continue reading

Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) in Transportation & Logistics

Enterprises in the transportation and logistics industry around the globe are looking at viable ways to maximize their supply chain efficiency to sustain profitability. However rising labour and fuel costs, changing regulations, increasing demand for faster deliveries, etc, make operations … Continue reading

Advance Rulings Programme to facilitate international trade in Oman

International trade facilitation measures are a much-needed thing for making the export and import of goods and services across borders much easier. It is also an essential feature for the economic growth and development of the country. Oman, also known … Continue reading

Oman and Saudi Arabia sign agreement to enhance cooperation in land and air transport

    A lot has been going on between Oman and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia recently. But all the efforts are being made to enhance trade and cultural relationships that will boost economic development on both sides of the … Continue reading

Sohar Port Plans to implement innovative ways as part of attracting more business to the port

  The future of Sohar Port and Freezone is looking quite bright. The plans to make it a business hub were charted out so that more and more businesses can be attracted to create a flourishing economy here. And after … Continue reading

United Arab Emirates signs up for Digital TIR

UAE has been rigorously taking giant steps in revolutionizing its economy and different industrial sectors in the last decade. In yet another significant move, UAE became the first country in the GCC region to move towards a digital TIR system, … Continue reading

OPAZ is seeking to make Salalah Free Zone a center for pharmaceutical industries: A Great opportunity for Logistics Sector

Salalah Free Zone   Several reasons point to the development of a significant pharmaceutical industrial hub in the free zone adjacent to the Port of Salalah, a major transshipment and logistics for pharmaceutical companies hub with views of the Indian … Continue reading

Sohar Port & Freezone eyes Indian Businesses: India is one of the Sultanate’s Strongest Trade Partners

Earlier this year, the Sultanate of Oman’s SOHAR Port and Freezone joined hands with India’s Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) to launch a five-webinar series that aims at assessing and discussing the growth possibility of business … Continue reading

New Container Terminal at Duqm Port emerges as a New Economic Growth Pole for the Sultanate

The Sultanate of Oman has been constantly stretching its muscles to establish itself as the new emerging powerhouse in the GCC area. Several new policies, economic diversification, infrastructural investments, new geo-political tie-ups, and empowerment of the local workforce have made … Continue reading

What Does Supply Chain Optimization Mean Now Vs Pre-COVID?

The COVID-19 pandemic changed our lives in multiple ways and the world realized that several areas needed attention, especially in the way the world was doing business. Unless the catastrophe struck, things seemed alright, but the pandemic revealed the kind … Continue reading

How Sultanate’s Ports Supporting Government’s Economic Diversification Goals

In the year following the global pandemic that hampered the growth of several industries across the globe, Oman’s ports achieved significant growth, commercial operations, and high volumes of direct imports. This kickstarted 2021 for Oman and their port infrastructure reinforced … Continue reading

Oman-Saudi Direct Desert Carriageway to Empower Logistics and GCC Trade

Good roads, overall transportation infrastructure, and uninterrupted connectivity are the backbone of trade in the world. This is the reason why all global powers are redefining their transport infrastructure by building various architectural and engineering marvels. Be it bridges across … Continue reading

How Logistics Developments Make Impact on Economic Growth in UAE

Towards the turn of the century, the UAE government implemented some path-breaking initiatives in their logistics and transportation industry. And since then, those initiatives have acted as major contributors in bolstering their economic growth. The region that was hitherto highly … Continue reading

Mideast’s Export potential on Track despite pandemic: Logistics sector attractive to Global Investors in 2021

 The COVID-19 pandemic has had a detrimental effect on the global economy, demonstrating a downward trend as several nations started implementing lockdown measures to deal with the devastating impact of the coronavirus. However, despite the deteriorating effects of the virus, … Continue reading

How Logistics is playing Crucial Role during Covid-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the entire world in an unthinkable manner. Be it our personal or professional lives, or businesses around us, nothing has been spared from the impact of this global crisis. Not only has it changed the … Continue reading

Importance of Reverse Logistics in Supply Chain Management

Logistics refer to the organized flow of goods or materials from the point of origin i.e. where it’s manufactured, to the point of consumption. In order to ensure that your consumers are delivered with the right goods at the right … Continue reading

Impact of the second phase COVID-19 wave may pose massive growth in the global freight management system market by 2026- Analysis and Business Strategy.

Introduction: The COVID-19 pandemic has affected human lives unprecedentedly- toppling economies with lockdowns and stay-at-home directives, layoffs, and creating slump across several end-use businesses like manufacturing, production, development, etc. However, just as businesses on both sides of the Atlantic started … Continue reading

Introduction to Cold Chain logistics: Things you must Know

What is Cold Chain logistics? Innovation has been the primary driving force in the evolution of global trade, which has constantly changed the way of doing business by delivering solutions for every obstacle to the seamless transfer of goods and … Continue reading

World Logistics Passport – An initiative by the UAE ministry is all set to increase opportunities for trade between emerging markets

The World Logistics Passport initiative, officially launched in 2020 World Economic Forum in Davos has made a huge impact on the local economy in the UAE and if you are a Dubai Logistics Company, the WLP is a real boon … Continue reading

Impact of Covid -19 accelerated growth of E-Commerce and how it influences the Oman economy in the logistics sector

The Covid 19 pandemic has been a defining factor in transforming the ecommerce landscape and bringing about its enhanced growth in 2020. This has in turn had considerable influences on the logistics business sector which forms the backbone of the … Continue reading

What does Oman Ministry’s national indicators initiative Tamayyiz mean for the logistics sector?

Well before the crash of oil prices the world over, the Oman government had already started charting out plans to give the logistics sector a push and reduce their overreliance on oil for an economic boost. In fact, in 2013, … Continue reading

How Logistics Outsourcing help to assist the growth of SMEs?

SME Logistics Outsourcing In Oman   Outsourcing of logistics services is an effective strategy to reduce the costs and expenditure of freight movements. Usually, 3PL logistics or third-party logistics make use of outside parties to execute different activities generally done … Continue reading

Freight Consolidation and How do they Help to Save Money

Freight Consolidation or Cargo Consolidation Instead of sending shipment separately, companies can rely on freight consolidation. The process comprises the consolidation, and bundling of different shipments that should be sent to the same location on a single truck, and then … Continue reading

Emerging technologies that could shape the future of logistics.

The Logistics industry that we see today is the throughput of countless transformations and upgradations. A myriad of technologies are on the verge of implementation in logistics which are capable enough to bring exceptional changes in the way packages are … Continue reading

Future of sustainable shipping in logistics and shipping industry

Shipping industry is one of the major contributors to the global economy. Being the most economical freight forwarding option, over 90% of the world trade is transported through the ocean. Safety and efficiency in international shipping of bulky and oversized … Continue reading

Methods to be adopted for effective inventory management

Inventory management can be defined as the process of ordering, storing, and selling the inventories of a company. Inventory management includes the purchase of raw materials, warehousing, and distribution of finished goods. Inventory is one of the most important assets … Continue reading

Logistics and Distribution – A comparative study

Supply chain management has been a prime supporter of the world economy over the years. Though supply chain management seems to be a single large industry, in effect it is a combination of multiple sectors. Supply chain management involves five … Continue reading

COVID-19, Impact On Freight Transportation

Logistics risks that freight forwarders face during COVID 19 The hit of the pandemic COVID 19 have quaked global economic stability. Major industries that well supported the financial development of the world are facing a drop-down during this period. Being … Continue reading

Blind Shipping – A Walk Through

What is Blind Shipping? The concept of blind shipping is very simple, but it is important that you understand each and every information about it before processing a shipment. As the name suggests, blind shipping means shipping products blindly or … Continue reading

Air Freight Vs Ocean Freight – Which Moves Better?

Air Freight Airfreight parcel delivery is the shipment or transfer of goods via air. The flights that transfer these goods can be chartered or commercial. Such shipment can travel out of passenger aviation gateways where planes can fly and land. … Continue reading


Logistics 4.0 with Augmented Reality It is a known fact that warehouses are the inevitable part of the logistics industry. Over the past years, we have seen that warehousing has become more and more significant with the emergence of e-commerce … Continue reading


Just like every other industry, technology has revolutionized the freight and logistics industry as well. Though one may feel that the supply chain process is still complex, technology has played a great role in bringing real-time visibility and transparent invoicing … Continue reading


One would say, the most complicated task is to manage the supply chain. Earlier commerce was local and the supply chain was easy to handle. Now the scenario has changed, depending upon the type of goods carrying, supply chain flow … Continue reading


Third-party logistics (3PL) services providers in Oman are at the forefront of providing cost-effective and quality services for customers for all of their logistics services requirements. One of the key components of this service delivery is the expensive warehousing and … Continue reading


Freight Management and Logistics Effective freight management and logistics are essential for all types of businesses to improve efficiencies in operations and remain competitive. Freight management and logistics is the utilization of technology, human resources, knowledge and experience to facilitate … Continue reading